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February 24, 2016
Social Media Marketing

Important social media trends to watch in 2016

2015 was an exciting year for social media marketers. New software, consumer preferences, and platforms brought a host of opportunities. As a result, social media has become the best strategy for content marketing and will continue to do so. Many marketers, however, follow the old strategiesthat may affect their customer onboarding. To give you a flavor of what to expect in social media, we have listed a few vital trends:

Real-time updates

Live updates are playing an important role and marketers need to implement quicker and up-to-minute responses. If they aren’t quick in responding to customers, competitors can grab them easily.

Social media eCommerce

More customer engagement will gain more sales. Recently, the research found social influences more shoppers’ buying decisions than retail websites. For example, in 2015:

  • Facebook unveiled 360 degrees for immersive experiences.
  • Instagram rolled out its action-oriented ad format.
  • YouTube added 360-degree videos for more impactful visuals.
  • Twitter continued testing its Buy button.
  • Pinterest announced the limited rollout of its Buyable Pins.

So in 2016, explore more ways to integrate these features into your social media strategies.

Be active in all media

Being active just on Facebook is not going to get you far. You need to spread a wide net on social media, being early adopters on mediums that are blowing up and actively engaging your customers.

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