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January 31, 2016
Website Design

Questions you should be asking before hiring a website design agency

Choosing a website development company in Dubai is a critical decision. You are not just giving them a project but entrusting your business to them. When you Google for web design agencies in Dubai, you’ll come across a myriad of choices leaving some overwhelmed. In order to filter out the right agency for you, consider asking some of these questions:

Question #1: How extensive is your experience within the target markets?

This is a vital question before you get into the costs of the services. Here you’ll find out about their clients and the work they’ve done within the market you want to be in.

 Question #2: How qualified is your design & development team and how long you have been working together?

Make sure the agency you work with has a team locally, working solely for the agency with enough experience working on similar kinds of work within the same markets. Though design expertise can be universal, depending on the kind of website, the development prowess is what you really want to look into. Are they proficient in the languages your website requires or can provide you with better alternatives?

Question #3: Which are your latest and all-time best website work along with the one you’re proudest of and why?

Analyzing the design style of the agency will aid you in evaluating the design diversity of the firm. Look for unique and interesting designs or technical implementations that you haven’t seen or seen very little of on other sites.

Question #4: How do you measure your results?

Ask them whether they measure results in terms of bounce rate, traffic, conversions, and keyword rankings. Is each result they produce substantiated and supported by corresponding data? Do they ever A/B test some of their larger website ventures? If so, ask for a case study.

Question #5: The final questions you should get your answers to

Ask, do they have the ability to offer comprehensive design, development, and marketing services that are up to industry standards? Have they had experience with customized web projects that require intricate problem-solving? Are all their websites responsive (work perfectly on all devices of all resolutions)? Can they maintain your website once the development process is completed?

These are just a few sample questions. You must ask whatever comes to your mind and hire the most reputable website development companies in Dubai.

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