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April 6, 2020
Digital Marketing

Sales Trends for B2B Brands in 2020

Sales Trends for B2B Brands in 2020

Growth is mandatory for every business. Recent research has shown that the biggest challenge faced by companies is selecting the right strategies to assist them in achieving growth. It doesn’t just determine the success level of the business, it even calculates its long-term survival in the market. Now, how does growth come about for any business? If we follow a statutory plan, what we require is a robust marketing system that creates lead generation and boosts sales figures. 

New research has shown that one in every three businesses does not possess the knowledge or resources to grow their sales figures. However, there are several sales strategies based on the hottest B2B marketing trends, if followed systematically, that can help your business touch new heights of success.

Exploring the latest trends for B2B Marketing online

With the emerging recession, the downturn accelerated a very different business-to-business sales environment in the year 2020. A McKinsey survey has revealed three primary trends that would dominate the agendas of B2B marketing organisations in the upcoming years. 

  1. With a growing number of customers insisting on different levels of sales support for several products, businesses are looking at more sophisticated and customised solutions to prove their worth. A lot of them have delved into growth marketing and digital marketing.
  2. Companies with larger managed accounts are exploring diverse ways of lowering their costs in an attempt to keep their clients happy and generate sales growth through this endeavour.
  3. Smarter use of customer data is done by B2B organisations, both large and small, by following the lead of business-to-customer (B2C) retailers like Amazon. This, in turn, is helping them in predicting customer behaviour, lead generation and deepening relationships with their existing customers.

Significant B2B Sales Trends for 2020

To cut through the noise, a more creative outreach tactic will increase in popularity

In 2020, a multi-channel approach will be more common, thereby replacing the traditional sales cadence that exists within emails and sales calls. Personal videos, messaging services, and direct mail will become more popular. Top companies have already started indulging in digital marketing tactics to keep users hooked.

Notification chaos will lead to deeper integrations

With customer data platforms becoming more common, the need of the hour is the integration of data in a more systematic manner. What would work best in favour of real-time sales is a personalised feed by a salesperson, consolidating all relevant notifications into one easily consumable and actionable channel. The online marketing of your site needs to be well-organised.

Augmented reality will disrupt traditional product presentations

The digital world is here. So why not capitalise on it and use it for growth marketing? Gone are the days when sales personnel had to lug their offerings to customers through physical, face-to-face meetings. Using artificial intelligence to showcase products to prospective customers can boost their confidence in making the right purchasing decision. It can even help in collecting customer insights by A/B testing several sales processes. 

Data-driven sales will be a source of competitive advantage

Companies are likely to build their competitive advantage through a well-oiled sales and B2B marketing machine, which is both well-aligned as well as data-driven. This strategic process is a great asset for a company when it comes to sales acceleration and business growth. 

To Summarise

It is believed that in the year 2020 all B2B companies will take up sales more seriously and will be willing to invest more in digital marketing and lead generation, both of which are directly proportional to boosting a company’s sales figures.

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