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October 14, 2014
Digital Marketing Dubai

Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Social Media Agency – Dubai Businesses

How do you promote your business today? If you’re like most companies, you may have uncovered the vast opportunities of the Web. From well-placed ads on strategic sites to having an SEO-optimized website, modern businesses are no longer at the mercy of expensive traditional media for promoting products and/or services. But there is one other platform you should be exploring even further: social media.

Where Web marketing is concerned, social media has undoubtedly become one of the more lucrative venues. Companies, brands, and lone entrepreneurs can enhance the opportunities offered by the platform by investing in a social media agency Dubai. Dubai businesses would also be able to keep marketing costs down. For more good reasons, read the 10 facts below. git

1. In Dubai, there are 2.3 million active users on Facebook and 3.6 million for the whole of the UAE. This means that a properly planned and executed Facebook page will allow you to reach more audiences (more consumers) for your products or services.

2. According to Microsoft data, 91 percent of mobile Web access is for social activities; 79 percent go on social media using their desktops.

3. Just how big is social media usage in the UAE? Recent data reveal that 88 percent of online users go on social media every day. Incidentally, Facebook is the most popular social network in the Middle East.

4. Also regarding Facebook, 52 percent of marketers have actually found customers through the popular social media site.

5. Does your business do a lot of email marketing? If you want better responses, add social sharing buttons because research indicates that this results in 158 percent higher click-through rates than emails without those specific buttons.

6. Navigating social media isn’t as easy as uploading posts. With 85 percent of marketers clueless about maximizing the tools in every social media platform, a Dubai digital agency would be better at delivering results for your business.

7. You increase sales through carefully executed social media campaigns. Current data points to this popular platform providing a 100 percent increase in lead-to-close rates, much higher than outbound marketing.

8. You increase traffic to your website. Every targeted post and every content strategy to create buzz for your business leads to newer paths that are directed to your site.

9. You provide an infinitely better customer experience by getting help from a social media agency in Dubai. Instead of maintaining and monitoring your social networking pages, an expert digital agency, that has the time and the skills will do it for you. This guarantees that your brand stays on top of issues concerning your customers.

10. Your competitor’s already doing it. If your competitors are on every social media platform and they have their own agencies handling every page, then you might be losing out on valuable prospects. Why let your competitors gain all the benefits? Take action. Get expert support. And get your social media marketing planned and executed today.

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