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June 4, 2018
Web Development

Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Website’s Usability

“Usability” is a major aspect which is left unnoticed in web design. The User Interface and User Experience have to be considered before the design phase. If these factors are considered at the start, after launch, the end product will be a far superior outcome. Here we’ll talk about five simple ways through which a website’s over all usability can be considered.

1. Navigation

Mobile use continues to increase. Responsive design will ensure your website’s navigation remains intact when a user visits your website through their mobile. Always select a simple layout for your homepage and inside pages. Try and avoid horizontal scrolling in which the users are irritated irrespective of the device.

2. Website load time

Most agencies are now neglecting old fashioned, burdened scripts like JavaScript. This is because heavy scripts not only take time to load but also increase the bounce rates and make websites complicated to navigate particularly on mobiles. Eliminate duplicate scripts, minimize CSS, HTML and JavaScript, optimize images and also search for some useful guides to incorporate graphics into the website without allowing more loading times.

3. Strong copy

The communication on your website is key. It needs to reflect your brand in its simplicity. Sharp, minimal copy will spark curiosity and encourage users to spend more time on your website. The website should have useful messages that aren’t repetitive. First impressions are lasting and increasingly important in web design so make sure your content and design are always on point.

4. Readability

Readability is a sign that indicates usability problems of a website. If you have a readability issue on the site, bounce rates can go up. That’s how you lose potential customers. Ensure your site does not have any readability issues.

You can make your content more readable by leaving an adequate amount of white space, paragraph formatting, displaying list using bullet points and adding images in between every 2-3 paragraphs along with short sentences. You can place your design elements like text boxes, sidebars, banners on your site in such as way that they do not disturb your users when they are browsing your website.

5. Use good color schemes, fonts and design elements

Color Schemes: color should be based on the color of psychology principle. However, remember that they are of bits of code and may take a long time to load.

Fonts: Depends on the website, choose the apt font that will firs your brand. If you apply a professional font for kid’s site, it won’t work.

Design Elements: Design elements such as 3rd party widgets, HD images generally gulp the long time to load and they may be quite elaborate. Try to curb them or at least optimize the usage so that these will not be prominent.

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