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November 21, 2017
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Video and Websites: The Ultimate Tag-Team

Your website is your most important marketing channel. This is true for all businesses, especially if you’re selling to consumers and even more so if you’re selling online. A website with a strong User Interface and engaging User Experience is key for improved leads, conversions, and SEO.

Video content is used to drive traffic to your website through secondary marketing channels. Video can also act as an explainer module for your website. It can help in explaining unique concepts, showing off new products or services, and much more. Videos on your website are also great for SEO.

What I want to explore in this blog post is the synergy between website design and video production. Usually, these two can be separate topics but today we’ll see how they can work together.

You’ve just launched a brand new App, an E-commerce store, or a B2B business. The first thing you do is create a website, naturally. You will also be thinking about videos as a marketing tool, but most likely not in conjunction with the design of your website. When you’re talking to your web designers, talk to them about implementing video throughout the website’s design. It can either be prominently placed on every page or at least at a noticeable location on pages that you can create video content for.v

For example, a fashion brand can have its full homepage header as a video so that’s the first thing users see. A mobile app definitely needs a ‘How it works video front and center on its homepage. For a service provider or e-commerce store selling a specific range of products, have a short-form video on each of the main category pages so the user is welcomed with a quick video intro on what the page is all about.

The high engagement rate offered by videos gets users to spend more time on your website as well as gets them to interact with more sections of the website. This ultimately increases lead generation and conversion rates. Videos on each page also have an effect on your overall SEO. Optimizing your web pages with video embedded in them will give you an edge over your competition and get you ranked quicker.

Designing and developing your website should come with a high-level thought process covering all bases that will supplement your marketing, lead generation, and conversions. Website design and development along with video production are two components that you need to think very carefully about in order to have a successful digital marketing strategy.

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