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April 13, 2022
Digital Marketing

What is CRM, and why does it matter?

The success of every business is dependent on a few factors. External and internal environments, trends, technology, and finance are a few of these important factors. However, one of the most important aspects that can make or break any business is its customers. If customers deem a business unworthy of attention or sales, the business is more than likely to be doomed. In this sense, customers are the lifeline of every business, which makes tools like CRM extremely important to understand and implement. In this article, we explore what CRM truly is and why it matters for the success of every business.

What is CRM?

CRM or customer relationship management is a technology created to actively manage a company’s relationships and document its interactions with its customers as well as potential customers. The main aim of a tool like CRM is to help companies stay in tune with their customers and develop products and streamline processes in accordance with their understanding of what the customer wants and what they need.

CRM systems are aimed to benefit everyone involved. From the R&D process to sales, every aspect of a business’s operations is dependent on the information that CRM systems provide. It is overall a better way to manage external interactions and relationships and is beneficial in indicating incoming trends and identifying any mishaps within the firm.

Why does CRM matter?

Generally, if you want your business to be successful in the long run, a robust strategy is required. Understanding if a strategy is working or not is dependent on targets set for sales, overall profitability, and achievement of business objectives. However, this goal-based approach to tracking progress is unable to provide you with real-time, up-to-date information on your progress. This is where CRM comes in. A CRM system will give you a clear overview of your most important stakeholders: your customers. It gives businesses a deeper insight into a customer’s profile, from their past purchases to their current likes and dislikes and what they are saying about your business or your competitors. CRM is a key tool that enables businesses to build brand loyalty with their customers. The more you are able to understand their needs and wants, the better you will be in attending to said needs and wants before anyone else.

Understanding why CRM matters are simple once you consider the key features of every CRM-based platform. Many CRM systems carry additional tools that can help businesses connect with customers and automate processes to track performances in real-time. Some of their key features are location-based services, customer services, lead management, workflow and marketing automation, and providing analytic data for accurate forecasting.

This centralized platform is important for every business, but more so for businesses that struggle with sales, building customer profiles, customer service, performance measurement, collecting customer data, and forecasting and reporting. Using CRM enables your business to have a comprehensive understanding of your customers, which in turn leads to more insightful and aligned messaging and marketing strategies. Moreover, the automated processes involved in CRM allow for businesses to automate any redundant or repetitive sales and marketing information, thus saving on time and resources, which can be invested in core strategies that require it.

CRM is a management process that only gets better with time. It helps a company increase its profitability by optimizing the way in which a business operates, analyses, and helps businesses improve their customer interactions. CRM solutions ultimately help ventures better understand their target customer and what is the best way to convert and retain them. Ultimately, having better data leads to better decisions. CRM provides companies with invaluable insight into their customers and helps create strategies that effectively address their concerns.

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