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July 17, 2017
Online Advertising

Google’s allowing businesses to put up a post on it’s Search pages

Big news from Google HQ. Businesses small and big, all across the world can easily add a promotional post, or any kind of post really, under their Business information on Google’s Search page. When users search for your brand, all your website’s attributes such as location, telephone number, opening hours, photos you may have uploaded, etc. pop up on the right. Now, below all that information you can add a post that’s either your latest blog post or promotion, giving user’s more information right at the offset.

This is a fantastic form of marketing for brands considering this is one of the first interactions users have with you. This is happening as Google gives its My Business more and more prominence since its realization that Google+ will never become a go-to for businesses and marketers.

It is imperative every business along with its every location have a Google My Business page. It’s very simple to set up and get verified by Google. Just start here and follow the instructions.

What is a Google Post?

Google Posts are like status updates for your brand. They were initially introduced as Candidate Cards, which were available only to political candidates, to post politically relevant content. Google Posts generally look like a card, with an image, a small description, and a call-to-action. It can link to any part of your site such as a landing page, product page, or blog page.

How to create a Post?

  1. Login to your Google My Business Account.
  2. In the Google Business Listing, choose Posts from the left-side menu.
  3. Click on Create Post.
  4. Customize your post.
  5. Click on Publish.

What does a Post contain?

1.     Image

The image covers a major portion of the Post and hence, it must be engaging. 720 x 720 is the minimum allowed resolution. It is preferable to use 1440 x 1440 resolution for better visibility and to look appealing.

2.     Text Description

The text field has a word limit of 300 words. This field can be used to convey any information, in brief.

3.     Event Title

You can create and publicize events with Posts using this field, with a word limit of 54 characters. Along with this comes, the start and end dates/times of the event. Dates can be specified using user-friendly calendars. Not promoting an event? No worries. Skip this part.

4.  Call-To-Action Buttons

Posts can be used to generate leads to your website. For this, you can include any of the five available CTA buttons. These are

  • Learn More
  • Reserve
  • Sign Up
  • Buy
  • Get Offer
Uses of Google Post
  1. To educate prospective customers about daily specials and offers, and to attract new customers.
  2. It’s a great tool to promote your events. With the start and end dates specified, a user gets all relevant information without clicking through to your site.
  3. Exhibit your best or newest products/services.
  4. To connect easily with customers, via CTA, by leading them to your website.
  5. To enhance the reach of your blogs posts

Keep in mind, that Google hates irrelevant or outdated content. So your post expires a week after it’s gone up. Google is kind enough to remind you via email that your post is about to expire though.


Make Google Posts part of your social media marketing calendar by choosing the most relevant content to put up every week. Of course, you can change it on a daily basis but only do it if you get a lot of Search traffic by business name and you have something relevant to post.

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