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April 22, 2015
Responsive Design

Google makes mobile friendly website design mandatory for SEO

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If a high rank on Google Search is important for your website and if SEO is any part of your online marketing strategy then you need to read this.

Google announced earlier this year that its Search algorithm will eventually give preference to mobile-friendly website design on its coveted first page while penalizing websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. Google has officially made the switch now and it’s time to have a serious look at your website on a mobile device. If you weren’t freaking out when they announced this, it’s definitely time to re-look at your website on a mobile device with urgency.

Google wants sites to be mobile-friendly due to the ever-increasing number of mobile searches and the ever-increasing number of mobile transactions. It is no secret that mobile traffic has grown exponentially year on year in every conceivable market.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small, niche business, a B2B, or a massive eCommerce portal; if you want to be ranked high above your competition or keep your high ranking in place, your site’s mobile experience needs to be up to par.

We at Digital Evolutions have always been strong proponents of mobile-friendly and responsive web design. Let us help you make your website transition to being mobile-friendly and keep your hard-earned Google ranking or get a head-start on attaining a high rank.

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