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Video and Websites: The Ultimate Tag-Team

Your website is your most important marketing channel. This is true for all businesses, especially if you’re selling to consumers and even more so if you’re selling online. A website with a strong User Interface and engaging User Experience is key for improved leads, conversions and SEO. Video content is used to drive traffic to […]

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What is remarketing and 3 ways you should be using it

Remarketing is an advertising technique that allows you to reach users that have visited your website or landing page. It’s a great method of reminding users about your products or services and help push them over the conversion edge. The most popular way of doing this is through Google AdWords. Google allows you to create […]

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Top 3 strategies for growing your business online

Having an online presence for a business has never been more important. Clients and potential customers use the internet as one of the first sources of information to help them make an informed decision about the company they choose to work with or purchase from. In 2017, these touchpoints should not be neglected because it […]

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