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April 22, 2020
Content Marketing

Create a Content Marketing Strategy to Lure Back Lost Customers

Who would’ve thought one sick person in China could cause the whole world to come to a standstill? And yet, here we are. It’s safe to say that at this point, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted nearly every industry there is. Social distancing has caused a spike in media consumption since people are now finding themselves with more free time than before – which is why now is the perfect time for brands to focus on content creation and marketing.

High-quality content has always been a priority for most businesses (who want to perform well online), anyway. But with the constant barrage of campaigns, activations, launches, and events (ahh, those were the times) during pre-Corona days, content tends to take the back seat. Now, with literally nothing else going on in the world, and media consumption at an unprecedented high, it is time to double down and create high-quality content for your audience.

What can you do?

Entertaining your audience is good, of course, especially in times like these when people could do with a little chuckle! But being helpful or informative overall is key. You don’t want your brand to be another meme page, nor do you want it to look like a news outlet. With a good content marketing strategy, you can find the perfect balance and keep your brand on top of your audience’s minds. Just because your business is down, doesn’t mean you need to shut down entirely. Pushing out the content of value will make sure your audience notices you and it’ll be easier to lure them back when things start settling down.

Take DoubleTree by Hilton, for example. They are legendary for serving delicious chocolate chip cookies to guests at check-in, and this cookie even tops some “Best cookies to try” lists. With the pandemic, as you can imagine, the hotel industry is down. But instead of trying to lure people in with ‘hygiene and contactless’ posts on their social media, the brand is doing something no one ever saw coming…they revealed the secret recipe of the DoubleTree cookie. While the act is small, the sentiment is huge. Cookies are comfort food, and DoubleTree cookies i.e. cookies during a staycation are the ultimate comfort food. By sharing their recipe online, DoubleTree is showing people that they value their audience’s mental well-being/safety over profits. Subtle messaging like “we will be ready to welcome you with a warm cookie when you’re ready to travel again”, plays with emotions. In just one sentence they’re portraying their hospitality, concern for people’s well-being, and making sure that they’ll be the number one choice for people to return to. Genius.

Several other brands have shifted the focus from sales/profits to information on their customers’ well-being, and it’s not going unnoticed! Logos are being changed to promote social distancing, advertising spaces outside that were normally used for promoting products are now being used to tell people to stay at home, #SupportLocal is being given a lot of encouragement, and several websites are offering massive discounts on software/services that are beneficial to people and video game companies, like PlayStation, are giving away free games and discounts to encourage people to stay home!

Bottom line is, yes some businesses are definitely able to contribute more during this crisis, than others. But everyone has something they can offer. Finding a way to maintain a positive connection with your audience right now, is the best way to make sure they come back to you after everything gets back to normal.

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