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The difference between Native & Hybrid mobile apps and how to choose between them

You may have heard these terms: Native Mobile Applications and Hybrid Mobile Applications. The names give a little away. Native applications are your traditional mobile applications that are created individually for each mobile operating system. Android, iOS and other operating systems have their own tools and coding languages developers need to know to create apps […]

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Why every business needs a contemporary website

I’ve seen this misconception amongst small business owners in this part of the world several times: a website for their business is superfluous. The trend is definitely changing, but far slower than it should be. In 2017 I’m still asked to convince clients why they need a website or why they need to revamp their […]

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Mobile Apps Develpment in dubai

Deep linking in mobile applications is the new cool

If you’ve ever been on Wikipedia, you’ve experienced the concept of deep linking. Going from one specific article to another specific article on Wikipedia to a specific video on YouTube follows a specific path without requiring the user to be introduced to a new website’s homepage or any other page when they jump onto that […]

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